Italian Sausage Mini Pizzas with Balsamic Syrup

sausage pizza

I’ve been making a lot of “mini” things lately. Just a few days ago I posted my Mini Goat Cheese Balls and here I am making mini pizzas. This is a trend that seems it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and I’m just fine with that.

I whipped up this recipe after Johnsonville asked if I’d enter their recipe contest. As part of their blogger panel, they make such requests from time to time. You know how much I love their sausage; it was a part of life growing up in Wisconsin, and as a blogger who has flown to work with them on several occasions, I’ve also gotten to know a few of their key folks and the culture there. Let’s just say it’s safe to say that I’m a big Johnsonville fan all the way around.

Their recipe contest can be found on their Facebook page. The contest asks participants to post a photo of their unique “Italian Inspired” recipe incorporating Johnsonville Italian Sausage. The grand prize is a culinary trip for two to Abruzzo, Italy! If you have a good, original recipe up your sleeve using Italian sausage, you should give it a shot (it ends April 1st, so get cookin’)! I’ve never been to Italy but that would make for a nice anniversary present for Alan :-)

These pizzas are quick to make and have a different flair from your typical sausage pizza. They’d make a great appetizer for a party, an easy lunch or even dinner with a salad.

balsamic pizza


  1. Alex Nmenski says

    These look great! I love Italian sausage and I love mini pizzas! Mmm! Good luck in the contest! I would have voted but I didn’t see anywhere people could vote (only enter). Italy would be such a nice vacation spot!

  2. Glynis Latosky says

    Nice recipe! I just printed it. Question… what did you use to cut the little circles? A cookie cutter? I would use a small glass I think since I don’t have cookie cutters that small, but I was just wondering since they are about the size of the sausage/pepperoni slice.

  3. Joan Nova says

    That’s a tasty bite. I hope you win contest. Meantime, I’m pinning one of these photos – they’re great!

  4. meg says

    Looks SO good! I love mini foods, they are a huge hit with all ages around here as are foods on sticks. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    My internet is doing funny stuff, so I’m posting version #2 of my original comment – just in case it didn’t go through.

    I, too, love Johnsonville Sausages. They are so versatile! I crumble them in to my pizzas and omelets. I mix them in my meatballs and bolognese ragu. That said, it’s better to “mini”-mize than super size! Love your mini pizzas!


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